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Engineering Approach:

LMNS delivers integration based solutions and services through a disciplined three pronged engineering process of design - deployment - operations, which interfaces at an executive and business level to ensure all engineering projects aligned with strategic goals.


Senior-level engineers deliver assessment studies, strategic planning, system architecture and transition planning. Architecture and design solutions effectively address existing networking technology infrastructure and network migrations needs.


LMNS provides system at every level of the technology infrastructure, from site analysis to installation includes seamless upgrade and integration of hardware and/or software devices such as cabling, routers, servers, gateways etc.


LMNS works closely with clients to ensure their network technology infrastructure is operating at peak performance. Emphasizing network security and administration, performance monitoring and support, and system training. The LMNS team has experience with networking technology projects at all level, from local area networks in a small office to global wide area networks, utilizing both hard-wire and satellite technology.

LMNS provides thorough assessments of current IT systems, compares current structure to business strategy, identifies gaps and provides recommendations where ever is required.

Managed Solutions:

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Leading Minds Networking Solutions (LMNS) delivers integration-based IT services to enhance network performance and optimize the return on network and integration investments. LMNS designs and builds information technology solutions that effectively streamline network applications and business processes.

LMNS provides a stable environment, utilizing high-performance technology and monitoring systems to ensure availability, security and manageability. LMNS incorporates mobility and flexibility into existing systems and applications by providing integration-based capabilities for wire line and wireless design and delivery. LMNS can provide personal, equipment and services required to resource and develop innovative solutions. This includes management, network engineers, system administrators, networking equipment, servers and network connectivity.