Enclosure Products
Active Equipment
Analog KVM switch:
An analog KVM switch allows more efficient use of the valuable space available in server rooms and data centers. Customers can use their limited space for productive servers, routers, hubs, and printers, not keyboards, monitors and mice.
Analog KVM
Digital KVM switch:
The KVM OVER IP switching systems that eliminate distance limitations, Avocent's IP-based KVM switching systems support multi-platform, multi-location, multi-device installations, all over a standard IP connection.
Digital KVM
Rack Mount Monitors:
Cybreview's robust industrial rackmount design makes it an ideal choice for ISP Data Centres. Computer Technology Centre. Corporate Server Rooms and Hardware/Software Testing Labs.
Rack Mount Monitor

Featured Products & Services:

LMNS employs certified engeneers with a wide range of experience to develop, customize and migrate IT solutions. LMNS partners with a superior list of preferred partners including APW President, Juniper, Avocent, IBM, Cisco, EME, Cyberome, Senao etc., LMNS provides leading-edge service-level management.

LMNS infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving clients business productivity by providing high availability and high performance. As an outsourcing service to augment existing IT departments or as the stategic developer of individual projects, LMNS delivers integration-based IT management services.

LMNS has deep experience helping companies to create IT departments from scratch, or assisting CTO's and IT executives in turning a good environment into a center of excellence.

Some of the products and solutions what we are offering:

Data Center Solutions: Networking Solutions (Passive & Active):
Routing & Switching Solutions: Security Solutions:
Unified Threat Management Solutions: Core Bandwidth Management Solutions:
Server & Storage Solutions: Time attendance & Access Control Systems:
CCTV & IP Surveillance:  

Data Center Solutions
Racking Solutions (Server & Networking Racks)
KVM Solutions (Analog & Digital KVMs)
LCD Monitors (1U Space Rack Mountable LCD Drawers)
Make: APW President, Avocent, Austin Huges
Networking Solutions
LAN/WAN connectivity, network cabling & certification
Wireless networking (Indoor & Outdoor wireless)
Make: Belden, AMP, Systemax, DLink, Senao, Linksys
Routing & Switching Solutions
Make: Cisco, Juniper, Procure, Netgear, DLink
Security Solutions
Gateway level security from Hackers, Trojans, Mailwares, Addwares,
Spywares, Spamming, Fishing Viruses etc.
System level security from viruses coming through Pen Drives,
Floppy Drives and CD Drives.
Make: Kaspersky, NOD, K7
Unified Threat Management Solutions
Firewall, Bandwidth Management, Auto failovers, VPN,
Load Balancing, Antivirus, Antispam, Content Filtering, IDS/IPS
Make: Cyberoam, Juniper
Core Bandwidth Management Solutions
Bandwidth Optimizations Devices
Make: Peplink, Allot, F5
Server & Storage Solutions
SAN, NAS, DAS, Rack mountable Servers & Blade Servers
Make: IBM, EMC, Netgear, Hitachi
Time attendance & Access Control Systems
Smart Card Readers
Finger Print Reader
CCTV & IP Surveillance
CCTV & IP Based Cameras

AMX Switches
AMX 5010
AMX 5010
It provides access to all major server platforms and serial devices.
The AMX5010 system is a proven choice for test labs, demo labs and design environments
Provides access to all major server platforms and serial devices
Designed for growing IT infrastructures with multi-rack, multi-device, multi-platform deployments
AMX 5020
AMX 5020
The AMX5020 matrix switch allows simultaneous access, supports multi-platform server environments
Provides a solution for consolidating the local ports of KVM/IP products Network connection on each appliance for ease of management
AMX 5030
AMX 5030
It supports PS/2 and Sun server platforms and provides non-blocked access.
A local port provides non-IP access to computers connected to existing Avocent KVM /IP switches.
Provides a solution for consolidating the local ports of KVM/IP products
Network connection on each appliance for ease of management
Seamlessly integrate existing KVM switches into an AMX KVM matrix solution
User Console
User Console 5110
Allows real time access to any attached server
Supports PS/2 and SUN Keyboards
Resolutions up to 1024 x 768 @75Hz at 1000ft
Supports a mixture of CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 cablesincluding Gigaflex
Automatic video compensation for optimal video
With local PC port